June 22, 2021

What's New

New! Interactive Studio Update!

You can now set an “out” time for interactivity!

This means you can create interactivity early on in your video, set an “out” time for it (which will remove the ability for the user to click on it) and then bring back an entirely new interactive hot spot / action later on in the same clip!

With our existing interactivity we typically keep the hot spot / action on the screen until the end of the clip, and selecting the action will advance the user to the next clip / segment – however now with the ability to add an out time within the middle of the training, you can do so much more!

Check it out now!

Interactive Studio: Display Time Out

New Tutorial Article! CRM Integration Using Zapier!

Inside this new article we walk you through the steps on how to integrate your CRM with LightSpeed VT.

Easily track within your own CRM what happens when a User is created, updated, and more!

Check out the article here!

Updates & Fixes
  • Callouts & New Locations:  If a Skyline or Bulletin is active at your Template Location, we will now correctly copy and activate them at the new Location you are creating.
  • Interactivity Report: We are now correctly showing results based on your Location access and User privileges.
  • Leaderboard: We’ve fixed a bug where if a Leaderboard had existed before and then been deactivated, it was still counting badges and points for users.