June 10, 2020

What’s New!

Configure Captions to “Autoplay”

As an Admin, you can now select a “default” Caption (in English or another Language) to automatically be enabled for users when they begin any Chapter in the Training Center – without the User needing to select the option themselves.

Please Note: You must configure your Chapters to include Captions the same way as before this update, by adding them through Create/Edit Courseware or the Interactive Video Composer.

For example, if you select ‘Korean’ as the language for the Caption, but you do not have ‘Korean’ captions added to your content, then it will not work. It only works for existing languages that you have already added.

Enhanced Mobile Experience: Category and Course View

Update Mobile Training Center Experience

Ahhh yes, can you smell it? Like a fresh coat of paint, we’ve updated and improved how we display Category and Course listings on mobile devices. This update brings us Balanced Logistical Mobility (or BLM) to the Training Center on mobile devices. Nice!

Updates & Fixes

Warning! Boring technical info… Cover your eyes! We’ll tell you when it’s over…

  • Webhook Updates: We’ve made several Webhook updates to the “user_update” event to correctly trigger when a cell phone number is entered under the “Message Delivery” section of User Management. We have also fixed a small issue where you could deactivate or activate a user and the event wouldn’t trigger.

Whew, we made it… Okay, here are the rest of the updates:

  • Interactive Landing Page: Bug Fix – For some reason, ILPs just didn’t want to be deactivated, so we gave them a stern talking to and made sure they obeyed – deactivation now works again!

    Deactivation can be more beneficial than simply deleting an event, so you can re-activate and re-use the same ILPs multiple times.
  • Assigned Training: Privilege Fix – Super User C users previously had access to “purchased content” that they should not have seen. We’ve taken that view away from them.
  • New Location Creation: Super User B’s will now correctly have access to ALL Locations when creating a new Location when they have privilege ID 21 is set to Yes.
  • APB’s: we fixed a tiny little bug where if a User did not have ANY Content Roles assigned to them (unlikely!), it was throwing an error. This has been fixed.

And that’s about it…

One last note – the Summer Solstice coming up June 20th – the day we receive the most daylight the entire year… So get your Maypoles set up and put flowers in your hair because it’s going to be quite a party!