July 15, 2020

We hope you enjoyed those fireworks on the 4th of July because this update provides a bigger BANG! This is our biggest, most explosive update ever! Check out the all new APB feature and prepare to have your mind blown! (firework jokes… get it?)

Resources & Articles!

Our team has been going crazy lately posting all sorts of new resources to the LSVT Resources section that is included automatically in your System.

In the Onboarding section you’ll find a new Course penned by Jenny Peña on Courseware Best Practices that is definitely worth a watch – you’ll learn best practices on how to create amazing content for your organization!

We’ve added an all new Marketing Category as well, which includes Courses, Guides, Checklists and Templates on how to best market your VT. The Guides section in particular is full of great information – and not just from a Marketing perspective – we’ve got secrets on writing engaging courses, creating your own video studio on a budget, an in-depth look at the effects of linear vs. non-linear videos – and more!

New Support Site Articles

We’ve added an all new “Train Your Team” Quick Start Guide to the Support site! Check it out for step-by-step instructions on how to get your System set up to start engaging your team immediately!

Quick Start Guide: Train Your Team
What's New!

APB (All Points Bulletin)

We have a brand new update for APBs – including the ability to assign them directly to content roles. This means you can create multiple APBs at a single Location, targeted directly toward the audience you want.

Here are some example / use cases –

  1. Specifically targeted messages – do you have a message for your Managers and Learners separately? Now you can activate an APB message for both at the same time – at the same Location!
  2. Marketing opportunities – do you have a trial or demo Location? Now you can target any free-trial users directly with specials or discounts on your products!
  3. Did your baby just take their first steps? Post that immediately – and assign it to everyone! That is must-see-content!

Check out a complete overview of the APB updates found under the LSVT Resources -> Onboarding section right now!

Updates & Fixes
  • Assigned Training:
    • Fixed an issue where users were not receiving email reminders when being added to an assignment that had already begun.
    • Fixed an issue where the Teams column was not showing up as expected, which also resolved an issue with PDF and EXCEL exports in the area.
  • Location Creation: fixed an issue where selecting a System during Location creation wasn’t working as expected – when multiple Systems were available to choose from.
  • Courseware Management:
    • Fixed an issue where uploading SCORM content with a “period” in the filename was causing errors.
    • We’ve hidden the “Extended info” section for a SCORM style Course – as it does not apply to it any longer.
    • Added a new warning / prompt if you try to create a Course before you have a Category to place it in.
  • User Creation: We fixed an issue where if you clicked on ‘Create User’ and then experienced any sort of computer or internet lag at the same moment – it prevents you from clicking on it again and accidentally creating multiple users. Also known as… rage clicking. (cue scary music)