July 13, 2018

Hello everyone! We’re excited to announce some changes coming this week to user profiles!

Please check out the video below explaining the new feature, or you can continue reading about it below!

And here is how the new profile will look!

My Profile

The biggest difference is that we’ve consolidated all of the current User Management controls into two sections: Profile and Settings – and we are introducing a new section: Billing.

In the Profile section you can manage all of your information the same way as you previously could, we’ve just moved things around a little bit. We also added some additional bits of information like whether you’re on a team or not, and which location you’re in.

In this section you can add your avatar – you can add or edit your avatar easily by clicking on the image, and then either selecting from one of our defaults, or uploading your own image. This avatar is something that will be used in the new up and coming “Discussions” feature for each course, as well as other “community” type of features that are coming soon. Using an avatar is optional; it’s just a way to make interacting with other users in the VT System more fun.

On the settings screen you can find your language selection (if it’s active for your system), message preferences for the notification center, and where you can reset your in-training progress and main menu welcome message (previously this was on its own tab).

The third tab is for Billing information. If you leverage the built in integration with Chargify for your end users, or if you have purchased a VT System subscription to your platform via a credit card, this tab will now be available.

This section is brand new and features a lot of new and additional information not previously made available, and will really help you get the most out of the integration with Chargify.

My Profile – Billing

In the first panel, you can see your current active subscriptions and manage them. Managing your subscription means you can now easily upgrade to a different product, update your billing address or credit card information.

If the option is made available, users can also cancel their subscription from this screen. You also now have the ability to configure incentive offers before a user may cancel; like a 10% off coupon if they stay.

The panel below shows all of your past statements and makes them easily available for download.

For more information on configuring any of this, please email or call 1.800.439.5788 for a quick tour.