January 3, 2019

What’s New

Courseware Management: Assigned Content

Today’s update allows you to assign a Course or Category to multiple other categories and rank them independently based on your preference. This way you can include the same content in multiple areas of your Training Center without having to duplicate anything.

Please Note: If one Course is represented in 3 different Categories of the Training Center, the user will receive credit for completing the Course in all 3 areas. So you would not want to use this feature if your intention is for the user to retake the same Course multiple times – as once they’ve completed it, they’ll receive credit everywhere.

Check out our Support article for more details!


We’ve implemented a new SCORM “Course Type” to Courseware Management. You can now easily add your SCORM style content to the Training Center in just a few easy steps. Upload your zip file, save the Course, and test it out!

Check out our Support article for more details!

Updates & Fixes

Interactive Video Composer

  • You can now easily copy hotspots from another segment.
  • We fixed a memory leak with the video player which caused some users to experience slow performance.
  • Plus, various performance enhancements to speed up your workflow!