January 17, 2019

What’s New

Course Report

We’ve got a brand new Report available this release – it covers a lot and is easily accessible!

Release Notes: January 17, 2019

This new Course Report allows you to check the training progress of all Users and Locations from one simple to read page. To access it, find any Course you’d like from either Courseware Management or the Training Center, and select the Report icon. We automatically roll up the last 30-days of activity for all Users and you can change the date range, as needed.

The Course Report breaks down the In-Progress, Completed and Not Started percentages by Users and Locations, as well as provides insight into the Pass/Fail percentages per Chapter.

Check it out! We think this new report will be quite useful.


  • Postables and Landing Pages – We’ve ensured all linked content is being directed through a secure (https) link rather than unsecure (http).
  • Help Me! has been reorganized for discovering the content you need faster. Browse by Guided Tutorials, Quick Links or Help Docs.
  • User Management now includes some additional (optional) fields under the Personal tab for Date of Birth and Gender.
  • The 204 – Search Users report has been updated to include a new option that can be included in the results: “Created By”.
  • All web browsers still supported by LSVT please raise your hand… Not so fast IE10. Starting February 1, LightSpeed will no longer support the IE10 web browser.


  • Next Course Slider – We were aware of an issue where the “next course” link and images were being duplicated – this has been resolved.
  • Training Center image flickering issue – some users were seeing images flicker when first loading the training center, this has been resolved.
  • Playing videos at full screen by default was not working properly for some users.
  • A carton of Milk in the Employee refrigerator that was well beyond its expiration date has successfully been moved to the trash bin.
  • An issue with the Training Center Welcome message not displaying when only one Category was active on mobile devices has been fixed.
  • Watchdogs – Training Expectations – there was a small typo in the email that has been fixed.
  • 414 – Landing Page Management – the “Status” column was not sorting your Landing Pages as expected, this has been fixed.