January 14, 2021

Updates & Fixes
  • When creating a new Location, the “State” field was being added incorrectly, this has been fixed.
  • Under Courseware Management, we’ve decided to re-open the ability for you to change the Course Type after the Course has already been created. We initially locked this down because changing a Course Type after-the-fact (like changing SCORM to Standard) could cause some issues – but we believe we have all of these resolved now.
  • System Management – we will now skip the initial “select a System” screen if you only have one system – this should save you some time on extra clicks.
  • Phone Simulator – we fixed an issue where the audio of the phone ringing was not working as expected. We changed the default ringtone to now be the Super Mario Bros theme song.
  • We’ve updated an error message within the Certification Management area – when adding a list of Courses to the Certificate we now make it easier to understand you need to enter the Course IDs separated by commas without spaces.
  • We’ve added a new toggle to User Management, when searching for users. Similar to being able to toggle “Update User’s Status” – you can now optionally toggle to Update the User’s Expiration Date. This will allow you to update all of the User expiration dates at your Location at a larger scale.
  • Need help with scheduling meetings? Give them a fun name like a touch-base, powwow, huddle, sync session, roundup, tag-up, or thought shower. This will throw people off the scent that it is going to be an excruciating meeting.