January 13, 2020

What’s New

VT2Go – New Training Activity Report

We’ve added a new “Training Activity” report to your VT2GO App. The Training Activity report gives you a snapshot of the last 30 days of activity across all Locations that you have access to.

Update to the latest version now to check it out!

Updated and Fixed

Assigned Training Updates

  • We fixed a typo with the word “revolutions” in the Admin area.
  • Super User C (Access Level 3) users will now correctly only see users at Locations that they have access to.
  • Users can now complete assignments that are past due and receive credit for them. For reporting, we record the completion with the date in red and (late) next to it, so it is obvious it was done past the date.

Location Usage Report

When clicking on the “total” usage part of the report (near the bottom), we made an improvement to help loading times when there was a lot of data.

Interactive Landing Pages

We fixed an issue on mobile devices where the video player was not responding correctly when changing from portrait to landscape mode. We also made an update that will allow for a better “full screen” experience when selecting “theater mode” from the player controls.

Coming Soon!


We can’t wait to get this new feature into your hands. The Leaderboard brings gamification to your VT System, giving you the opportunity to create unique achievements for Users to attain by simply completing activities. You create the criteria – maybe they get 50 points for completing 5 Chapters every day, and 10 points just for logging in! As Users gain points, they’ll be ranked on a Leaderboard for everyone to see – and compete for that top spot. Stay tuned soon for more info!

In Case you Missed It… Paypal Integration during checkout

We now offer PayPal as a “One Time” payment option. It works as an “add-on” to Chargify processing and uses a Paypal Smart Payment Button and it is independent from any other merchant gateway or process. Click here to learn more!