February 23, 2018

Hello everyone, here are the latest updates from the Development team!

Private Label Management – Simple/Advanced Mode

  • As you may have noticed, we’ve been working hard to create a “Simple” mode for many features on the platform – previously we’ve simplified User Creation, Location Creation, and Content Creation – and now we’ve created a simple mode for creating private labels! With the new Private Label simple mode, you can now add a logo and make a few color choices to be ready to go! Check it out now! Also – as always, Advanced mode is still available if you want to go in and update any details.
  • Live Preview! The Private Label Manager also now includes a live preview of the color choices you are making. This is cooler than when I taught my cat how to shake my hand. Check it out!.
  • Under the Branding section, update any of the color choices to see the changes immediately, before you hit save!

Show Me – Help and Interactive Guides

  • Need some help? We’ve added a new feature called “Show Me” that is designed to be a companion to guide you through the system. The “Show Me…” tab will appear on the left side of the screen any time you login.
  • This feature will follow along with you while you learn how to navigate around the system and offer advice as you go. From creating themes to adding content, the Show Me tab will also be available to give you quick links to the Support site if you have any questions.
  • New Super User B Admins will be able to view the actual step-by-step companion, while existing Super User Bs will be able to see the help and interactive guides.