February 17, 2021

What's New

Huge update for APBs (or “All Point Bulletins”)
Now known as: Callouts!

APBs or “All Point Bulletins” have been a longstanding and popular feature at LightSpeed VT and leveraged by many of you for promotional and messaging needs.

Because of this, we have enhanced the APB feature and rebranded it to “Callouts” – adding new formats that provide unique and targeted messages that you can leverage to communicate with your end users.

In this release, Callout Management will offer two formats:

  • Bulletin: These are the original “APBs” but renamed and enhanced. A “Bulletin” will stop a user on their way immediately after signing in, or navigating to the Training Center.
  • Skyline: This brand new feature is a “banner” like message that can ‘stick’ to the bottom of the Main Menu, or sit just below your Main Menu Carousel panels. These support rich text, images and a call-to-action option.

The difference between a Bulletin and a Skyline is that the Skyline will not disrupt or stop a User from navigating around the System. It works mainly as an additional space to alert or advertise your users to anything you can think of.

Check it out now under System Management on your Super User Dashboard, or Learn More here.

Updates & Fixes
  • The Video Player has received a little love and updates…
    • The ‘Peek’ button had spent some time in behavioral school and is back with a much better attitude to give you a more pleasant experience.
    • Videos that autoplay muted will now restart when you select un-mute within the first 10 seconds – a big update for those leveraging Interactive Landing Pages!
    • We’ve created a fix for mp3 playback on mobile devices
  • We fixed an issue with Assigned Training that included SCORM content as they were not registering ‘Complete’ on the backend.
  • Fixed a small issue with some Live Event times incorrectly displaying AM or PM times.