February 13, 2019

What’s New

Super User Dashboard

We sent a preview of this yesterday, but if you missed it – you can click here to watch the demo again.

As we covered it yesterday we won’t cover it again here – but we’re really excited about this update and can’t wait for you to check it out.

Updates & Fixes

My Profile: Our friends in the Philippines could not properly add their phone numbers to their profile as the number was cutting off at the end – this has been fixed.

Sharing: Google+ is shutting its doors, so we’ve removed this as an option to share/post from all areas of your VT System.

APBs: You can now “reset” an APB – which means if a user had previously clicked “Don’t show this again” – this will reset it for them. This would typically be used if you wanted to make an update to an existing APB without needing to create a new one.

LightPad: We’ve added a “What you see is what you get” editor in LightPad messaging. Now you can fancy up your messages any way you like.

Release Notes: February 13, 2019

Reset Training: You can now reset training for a user based on a specific course or a chapter – previously you could only reset training for a user for all of their content.

Release Notes: February 13, 2019

Training Center: Category Breadcrumbs have been updated – they’re no longer the category ID but the category name – this should help end users understand where they are more easily when clicking on several categories linking together

My Billing Profile: If you have customers that make purchases through Chargify that are in a currency other than US Dollars, they will now correctly show up in their native currency.

Release Notes: February 13, 2019