Stripe One Time Purchase & Trial
  • 26 May 2022
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Stripe One Time Purchase & Trial

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Article Summary

Stripe doesn’t offer a trial option with one-time charges.

In order to accommodate a trial period for a non-recurring subscription product, you will still need to set up the product as a subscription, configure its trial period, settings and then configure your product as a Subscription in our Integration Manager.

This will allow our LSVT/Stripe integration to take advantage of the built-in product subscription/trial settings, scheduling, and management from

Step 1

Create a subscription product in and optionally set a trial period.


If you set a trial period in, it is not necessary to set it in Integration Manager in the next step.

Step 2

In LSVT Integration Manager configure your product as you would do for any other subscription product.


Choose and check “Set subscription to one-time billing with trial” option


your title goes here

If you set a trial period in Integration Manager, the value will override any value set in


After the end of the trial period, our LSVT/Stripe integration app will instruct Stripe to make a one-time charge only, then cancel the subscription before the renewal period starts. This will result in the same outcome as a one-time product charge.

If the user cancels before the trial expires, the user will not be charged as the subscription will be canceled before any charges are applied.

The user will keep access to LSVT until the end of the trial period (For example, the trial is 7 days and the user cancels on day 3, the user will still have access for the remaining 4 days).

If you set users to remain active in LSVT at the end of the subscription, users will still be deactivated if they cancel during the trial period.

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