October 10, 2023
  • 10 Oct 2023
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October 10, 2023

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Hello Everyone, check out the latest updates from the development team!


Usage Report Makeover

We've given the My Usage Report and the Usage Report, at the Location level, a fresh new look that fits seamlessly within your Private Label Theme.

As a reminder, the Usage Report is a great tool for tracking Time Spent Training! You can learn more about that in our Support Article here.

Usage Report - UI Updates
Usage Report


  • Leaderboard: Tweaked many settings here to fix the way that "Sign In Activity" and "x Number of Courses Completed" logic works - should be working better now.
  • Assign Training: Added a new ability to "resend" assignment emails as needed. You will be able to "resend" the assignment 24 hours after the original was created and sent.
  • SMS Messaging: Updated our vendor services to allow for additional phone numbers to be sent from, as phone carriers have been cracking down on "spam" texts. Opening this up to multiple numbers will prevent carriers from blocking texts coming from us.
  • Courseware Management:
    • After a test question was deleted it was remaining active by mistake, this has been fixed.
    • When duplicating a Chapter, there was an issue where test questions that had 'Multiple Answers Required' were not duplicating as expected. This has been fixed.
    • Updated several "Help" / "?" links to direct users to the correct Knowledge Base support articles.
    • User Submission / Admin Approval email templates were updated to include the Course name of the Chapter being submitted, as some Chapters held the same name and were causing confusion.
  • Assign Training - Reports: When clicking on the Chapter count in the report, the report was not filtering correctly by the selected Courses/Chapters - this has been fixed.
  • Interactive Studio: Fixed a bug where adding new media to an existing / published Interactive Chapter was not working as expected.
  • Report Cards: Made a tweak to the UI to update the page title and search panel header after some feedback.
  • Reports: Made a fix where if Location Provisioning was disabled, you could not see the full amount of content a User was assigned.
  • File Vault: Fixed an issue where when showing more than 10 results it did not allow you to select / check the folder or files.
  • 408 - Signed In User Report: Made a small update to exchange 'Job Position' (a deprecated field) with 'Access Level' instead.

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