December 7, 2018

Hello everyone, here are the latest updates from the Development team!


  • We’ve added a ‘created from’ line to location settings so you can see which template location your location was created from.
  • Wait – Are you sure? We’ve added some new dialogue boxes to system settings and location settings to ask “are you sure you want to make this update?” – Sometimes you can open more than one browser tab on the same page and can get confused as to what you’re editing.


  • Landing Page Management – You can now update the page description on landing page management above and below the video player area – giving you more flexibility on where you want to add details to the page.
  • Adding a list of courses to a content container will now automatically strip duplicates from the list of courses. This logic is applied in two parts – 1. If the course is duplicated in the list itself, and 2. If the course is already added to the container – all duplicates will be removed automatically from the list so no duplicates of content can be added.
  • User creation – we’ve updated the user creation process to automatically show the ‘create/edit users’ toggle when a manage access level is selected. Previously, when adding a manager to the system, you needed to manually edit the user and add this feature.

Coming Soon!

  • Course Aliasing
  • How popcorn is ruining teeth across America, one kernel at a time.