December 5, 2017

What’s New

Login History: We’ve added a new “Login History” feature! This feature will capture software information from a user each time they sign in. This info can be very handy when troubleshooting technical issues.

To find this, search for a user under “201 – Manage All Users” and then you will see a new tab on their profile called “Login History” – on this tab you will now be able to see a bunch of useful information about the user:

  • IP Address
  • Browser and Version number
  • OS and Version number
  • Internet Connection speed

“Private Label Theme” – Feature Updates: In an effort to continue to simplify the Private Label Theming feature, we’ve made a few updates to consolidate some of the settings.

This release includes a change to the Main Menu Widgets (aka the “My Activity Tracker” section). Now when you save the theme, the colors for that area will automatically be set from the “Shared Components” colors. You’ll no longer use the “My Activity Tracker” colors. Below is a breakdown of how these new color fields are utilized:

  • Primary Color
    • Header Backgrounds
    • Display/Title Text
    • Buttons
  • Primary Accent Color:This applies to the foreground element when laid over the primary color (e.g. buttons).
  • Secondary Color
    • Active States (i.e. a selected tab)
    • Sub-Headlines
    • Text Highlights
    • Buttons
  • Secondary Accent Color: This applies to the foreground element when laid over the secondary color (e.g. buttons).
  • Default Color (note: displays on light colored background only)
    • Body/Paragraph Text
  • Headline Color (note: displays on light colored background only)
    • Training Center Category titles
    • Training Center Course content card titles and icons

Bug Fixes

  • Location Settings – We have increased the character limit for the Click Agreement field
  • Teams – we fixed an issue when trying to assign a user to a team who was already a team leader
  • Localized report exports – We fixed an issue where special characters were breaking when exporting in different languages.
  • Manage Users – Search – We’ve removed the flash requirement on the CSV/PDF export buttons – we believe this is the last spot for this.
  • Version 6: In the Training Center, when you selected a course or chapter, the header colors were not pulling the correct values (and sometimes appearing to be white on white) – this has been fixed
  • Interactive Landing Page updates:
    • Replaced “Played Videos” with “Total Played” – this now includes all initiated and auto-played video logs
    • Added “Unique Played” as a subset of “Total Played” – we now break out only the unique initiated and auto-played views
    • Relabeled “Button Exit (Click-Throughs)” to say “Exit Action”
    • Removed “Video Complete” – we will not collect this info anymore
    • Added Tooltips
    • Replaced “Top Answer” with “Total Answered” – we now display the sum of all answers received for that question