December 3, 2018

Hello everyone, here are the latest updates from the Development team!


LightSpeed VT has rolled out the first phase of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to cover most web pages within your VT System – ensuring optimal security and better browser compatibility. The next and final phase of this roll out will be to apply SSL to the Training Center, which will then make our application SSL-enabled sitewide.


In the Training Center, some users were seeing an issue where the main Category image was not appearing correctly – this has been fixed.

Coming Up Next!

  • SCORM! We’re implementing new tools for easier implementation and reporting for SCORM content – coming very soon!
  • We’re making new enhancements to the super popular fan-favorite 5-time MVP Interactive Video Composer! Most of the updates have been based on great feedback from Admins like you. Thank you to everyone who took the time to let us know how to improve this awesome feature!
  • Video Player 2.0 – Currently in testing stages – this updated version of the video player brings better performance and enhanced player controls to your fingertips. Stay tuned!
  • Course Aliasing – this will be a way for you to assign a Course to multiple Categories without needing to create a duplicate of it. More information on this will be coming soon!

Please don’t forget! Daylight savings time is just around the corner, set yourself a reminder now for Sunday, March 10, 2019 to move those clocks forward… except Arizona, Hawaii and maybe California!