December 28, 2017

Hello everyone, happy holidays and we hope you have a great year ahead!

Here are the latest updates from the Development Team!


  • In Version 6, we’ve added a new “Create User” shortcut so you can now access the User Creation screen quickly and easily from the header area! This button will only appear if you have the proper access to create users.
  • Certification Management – We have added a new optional “Internal Description” field which will allow you to better identify Certifications that share the same name
  • Courseware Management – We’ve added a new Copy Category and Copy Course option for easier content duplication!


  • Watchdog Reports – you can now select half-hour increments to schedule the reports
  • Private Label Themer update – In our previous release we saw an update to the V6 Training Center course view – with this release you can now modify those colors using the “Shared Components” section of the Private Label Themer
  • Private Label Themer update – We’ve added a new option to update the label on the V6 Training Center welcome video button
  • We’ve made an update to the 304 Multi Location Usage Report to better reflect the data in the date range selected. Now when you filter the report it will only return data on users that existed during that date range. For example, if there are 100 users at a location, and 50 were created in May and 50 were created in June, and you run your report for May only, you will now only receive training data for those 50 users created in May. (previously the data for the users created after the date range would simply show up as “Didn’t Train” and bloat the report unnecessarily)
  • V6 Training Center update – On Categories, we’ve hidden the hover-over description text until you actually hover over it
  • In Courseware Management we’ve made an update to “Cat Linking” style Categories – it will now be a comma list (temporarily) to resolve some issues we were seeing when Categories would need to be pulled across multiple containers


  • Courseware Management – We fixed a bug on Chapter creation which was sometimes allowing users to save the chapter with 0 test questions, which was causing errors in the Training Center
  • Fixed an issue in My Report Card where when you changed the start date and end date and then click ‘view filtered report’ – after it loads if you clicked ‘filter report’ again you will see the start date is back to the original start date and not the original filtered one.
  • Made an update to the FAB (Floating Action Button, V6 only) which was sometimes covering the Footer section
  • Made an update to the V6 Training Center where the completion percentage was bleeding into the course tile
  • In the V6 Training Center we made an update for IE11 users where the left and right arrows were not appearing properly when you needed to scroll left or right