December 22, 2020

What's New

Interactivity Report Updates!

We’ve made several updates to the Interactivity report

  • The answer responses from individual users will now “follow” the correct path that the user took, making it much easier to see their selection path.
  • We added a ‘reset’ option so you can gather interactive data from your end users, and then you can reset the data at any time to collect it again starting from zero results.
Updates & Fixes
  • We fixed an issue with some icons showing up incorrectly (darn you, cache… darn you…)
  • Duplicating certifications was duplicating the certificates to inactive locations, so we made an update so inactive locations will no longer receive the duplicate certificates.
  • We fixed an issue where training assignments coming from a Location with a “comma” in the title was causing an issue – this should be a lesson to all of you Acme, Inc. clients…
  • We added the ability for the “answer response” text to support special characters/unicode (foreign languages) for localization purposes. Now you can curse at your users in 28 languages!
  • We fixed an issue where our “keep alive” feature (which allows users to continue to stay logged in without having to login each time they come back) – was not correctly recording the “last system access” data – this has been fixed.
  • Watchdogs! Everyone’s favorite reports – we’ve added a new ‘teams’ filter! This will allow you to narrow down even further on the data you need to find – based on teams.
  • Assigned Training – we fixed an issue where sometimes different languages were causing issues with the reporting data. Translation: Somebody used empirical units rather than metric. Shame…
  • Leaderboard! We’ve added all new “steps” to the “achievements” tab where you can now more easily see what is required to complete each points, badge or ranks.
  • Vimeo / Zoom issue – we fixed a bug where “Vimeo” was opening in a new tab rather than staying within LightSpeed’s training center. This was due to Vimeo not staying hydrated during the dry winter months – remember to drink water!

Interactive Studio

Our most exciting feature of 2020 has received a few updates!

  • We made a quality of life update update to remove the extra word ‘segment’ under the response action section – this will allow extra space along the drop-down for you to see exactly which section you need to select.
  • When copying a segment, it will reset the entry time to 0:00 – so even though you’ll copy all of the segment data, you’ll need to grab the new time again.
  • The ‘preview’ was sometimes showing a cached ‘details’ panel rather than the current / accurate one, this has been fixed.