December 17, 2019

We’re working on some amazing things for 2020, here’s a sneak preview of what’s coming up!


The Leaderboard brings gamification to your VT System, giving you the opportunity to create unique achievements for Users to attain by simply completing activities. You create the criteria – maybe they get 50 points for completing 5 Chapters every day, and 10 points just for logging in! As Users gain points, they’ll be ranked on a Leaderboard for everyone to see – and compete for that top spot.



We’ll soon release a new version of our public API. The 2020 edition will be a REST + JSON API. REST + JSON is easier to understand, makes better use of bandwidth and offers a more standardized method to consume API payloads, which will allow developers to create applications with greater ease and speed.

Live Streaming

Ready to stream live to all of your Users through your Training Center? Currently we’re beta testing a new Live Streaming feature through Vimeo, and coming up soon we’ll be bringing YouTube and Zoom support as well. Stay tuned for more updates!

Other Updates

Special Note about LSVT Resource content found in your Training Center:

During the first week of January, the Category located at the top of your Admin Training Center is moving to the “Help Me!” tab found on the left hand side of the screen. Simply click on the tab to open it, and select LightSpeed VT Resources.

Impersonate User Fix

We fixed a bug where the “Floating Action Button” (the icon that appears at the lower left of the screen) was missing after impersonating a user who was using a language other than English.

Paypal Integration during checkout

We now offer PayPal as a “One Time” payment option. It works as an “add-on” to Chargify processing and uses a Paypal Smart Payment Button and it is independent from any other merchant gateway or process. Click here to learn more!