August 4, 2020

It’s a chilly 110°F in Las Vegas but that’s not stopping us from MELTING the competition!

Let’s Take a Look at What’s New!

This week we have updates for the Leaderboard feature – these updates will allow you to create multi-course and multi-achievement badges and ranks.

Badges now have a new way to be earned – through an “Action Completed”:

  • Complete a specific Course
  • Complete Multiple Courses
  • Complete a Certification

Ranks can now be earned through earning other Achievements (Points or Badges).

Also New!

Zoom System Detection – as we’ve mentioned several times – our Live Events section is still in Beta but we’re glad a lot of you are using it and enjoying the feature.

In this update we’ve made improvements to the Zoom “Internal” version – these updates will now detect which device you are using so we can deliver the best experience possible.

Updates & Fixes
  • Login API Service Updates: We did a thing where when you send us things we made some fixes for those things to make things easier.
  • My Assignments:
    • Reporting update – selecting a Username will open up the Report Card and automatically filter the results based on the list of required content in the assignment. This will allow you to view the progress of each User.
    • We fixed an issue with a Super User C access level selecting “All” Locations and accidentally assigning the assignment to… All locations (even ones they didn’t have access to).
  • 407 – Search and Export Users:
    • We fixed an issue for Super User C Users – they can now search for all Users based on which content roles they have access to – even premier ones.
    • We’ve added a few additional “check boxes” – which will allow you to run the report to export some new data elements like phone numbers and preferred choice of deli meats and whether your Users like white or wheat bread, mayo or mustard, or… wait I think I’m just hungry.
  • System Management: We have “unlocked” several new system management feature toggles – these were previously for “our eyes only” – but we decided you didn’t have enough toggles in your life so why not add some more. A full description of the new toggles and what they do can be found here on the Support site.