August 30, 2017

Summer is almost over, but it’s still blistering hot in Las Vegas. The other thing that is blistering hot is a completely new Interactive Video Player, packed with new features, a legacy compatibility process for custom VT content and… zero FLASH dependencies – here’s the rundown:

New “LSVT Video Player”

This is not only a new video player, but part of an upgrade to the entire video infrastructure inside of the VT System. There’s a new encoding processes in the Media Library that streamlines the encoding formats for immediate playback and fully leverages adaptive streaming to accommodate users on any browser, on any device, with any Internet connection.

There is a quick conversion process for VT Customers that have video content that was created prior to June of 2016. The LSVT Client Care team will be quickly contacting some customers and letting them know that we will be making this conversion for them behind the scenes.

LSVT Video Player

Visit the Support site for a detailed description of the new LSVT Video Player and it’s full feature set.

New VT Support Site

We have redesigned and developed a new Support site which now includes all of the LSVT Documentation resources in one searchable site. The new Knowledge Base includes all of the prior KB articles, as well as updated “Help Docs” and “API Docs” that were listed in their own area prior. There is also a new and improved “Diagnostic Assistant” to better help end users see any potential compatibility issues. Check out the new VT Support Site.

New Report Feature

New to the Super User Dashboard: “310 – Multi-Location Watchdog Report.” Watchdogs are reports that are designed to give admins a snapshot of what is going on at a specific location – who trained, who didn’t, etc., without needing to login to each location individually and running a report. Now – we’re introducing Multi-Location Watchdogs! These multi-location versions will deliver the same snapshot of information – but are now able to cover multiple locations worth of data. For this initial release, the Training Expectations version is available – the other Watchdogs will be coming soon.

New “API Manager” and enhanced API and Webhook features

We have added an entire new feature set that allows Super Users to fully manage their API and Webhook event settings. New to the Super User Dashboard – “411 – LightSpeed API” – this new admin area will display your API Key and your API Endpoint URI so you always have easy access to these important elements. There is also a new console to search and view the log files for your API requests and activities, which will help you diagnose any errors of challenges your team has when administrating your VT system via the API.

There is also a completely new set-up tool to allow you to fully leverage the real time webhook event triggers. You can add in your own endpoints, and decide what triggers send to which endpoints as well as search and view the log files. Additionally, in the log files, there is a button to ”re-send” any events if needed.

  • New Webhook event; Sign Ins. This will allow you to receive real time events when users sign in so that you can leverage your CRM to notify users as desired based on their sign in activity (or lack thereof).
  • New API Parameter on the Single Sign On method for; “Destination URL.” This new parameter will allow you to drop a user on any page, screen or piece of content, after they are authenticated via the Single Sign On process.

Media Library – Enhancements

  • We have updated the entire encoding process to best be able to have your videos target any device and any browser. This new process includes the ability to leverage 4K HD video. A complete and detailed look at these new encoding specs are available here.
  • Several optimizations were done to increase load times on libraries with a large amount of files when it loads up.
  • On streaming files the default ‘playlist.m3u8’ file name will now be named after the source filename for easier visibility on which m3u8 you’re working with.
  • Editing a file name or description incorrectly created a duplicate version of it – this has been fixed.

General Updates, Fixes and Improvements

  • In the Courseware Manager, you can now allow any chapter to be skippable with a new toggle in courseware management – allowing a chapter to be skippable will override any existing access level skip settings.
  • When creating a test question in the Courseware Manager it will now return you to the test question tab rather than taking you back to basic info tab.
  • An issue was fixed where sometimes when changing your language preference, the option to change the language again would disappear.
  • When a location was at max users, under user management the option to ‘update user access’ would disappear – this has been fixed.
  • When trying to Print the screen in some areas of courseware management, extra text would appear on the page that was meant to be for mobile users only, this has been removed.
  • If a System uses one of our web services called Course Scheduling, where a new course is added to a user’s account every X number of days, we can now change a user’s start date by updating the “Start Date” field found under the “Personal” tab when editing a user.
  • Manage Users – Recent actions were being recorded twice by mistake – and we also opened up each list of recent actions to show more data.
  • Fixed a bug where Watchdog teams were shifting down sometimes when saving the report.
  • The 102 – Search and Manage Locations feature was not allowing spaces or apostrophes to be searched by.
  • Sign in boxes – the “Join Now” link can now be toggled off (or on)
  • In the Themer Editor – the “Where you left off” logic has been removed, so now each time you load the Themer it will start you at the top.
  • On Content Role Management, you can now add content to newly created content roles without having to select the content role first.
  • When a Super User does not have a privilege to the File Vault, they are unable to see the 400 section on the Super User Dashboard – this has been fixed.
  • On the VT2GO Mobile App; when a test question is set to “all answers correct” this was marking the user’s response as “Incorrect” – this has been fixed.
  • On the VT2GO Mobile App; there was a bug where content updates did not show up right away, and required a user to sign out and then back in – this has been fixed.
  • Under Location Settings, we have removed the requirement for a main menu message.
  • Certification Management – When you would remove the courses from the course list and hit save, those courses were incorrectly showing up in the list again. This has been fixed.
  • Quick links –> Usage report: When drilling down on this report, the “Date” columns are now sorting correctly
  • Manage Users “Bug;” if you do not have access to the Premier content roles section, and you make an update to add or remove a STANDARD content role, anything that was assigned in the Premier section will be removed. This has been fixed.
  • Super User Dashboard – 402.2 Content Containers – Container roles: This screen has been updated to show the Content Role ID.
  • Super User Dashboard – 102 – Search and Manage Locations: We have made a visual update to display Inactive locations shaded out slightly to better discern between the active and inactive locations.
  • Super User Dashboard – 203.3 – Training Completion Report update: We now only show content that is available to users at the location you are in, rather than all content available to the Super User.