August 27, 2020

What’s New!

Live Events

If you have a live event coming up, we now alert all Users with access to the event in the Megaphone (located in the top navigation header). Two types of notification types are automatically triggered:

  • Starting Soon: Triggers 30 minutes prior to the event start time.
  • Now Live: Triggers at the event start time.

Images in Test Questions

We’ve made adding images to test questions much easier – and now the “question” section will correctly scale to the size of your image!

Check out our article on the Support site for step-by-step instructions!

Updates & Fixes
  • Main Menu Skip: We fixed an issue where ‘skip main menu’ (found under System Settings) wasn’t working as expected.
  • Profile / Account Switcher: We fixed an issue where sometimes when switching accounts you would be logged out.
  • APB Management: This entire area went through a “makeover” recently – and we’re continuing to make tweaks and adjustments based on your feedback! Here’s a little of what was done this update:
    • Several subtle style updates and adjustments.
    • The text editor was incorrectly adding extra html code – this has been fixed.
    • We’ve made a small fix to the main APB search so you don’t have to click twice.
    • On the frontend, we’ve added a scrollbar now when using the embed option – so if your embedded link is taller than the available space, users can now scroll.
  • Content Role Mapping Tool: Some improvements were made here to reduce loading time for large queries.
  • User Impersonation: Impersonating a User no longer counts as a sign in on several reports.
  • Super User C (Multi-Location Admins) will now automatically receive access to their own Location where they’re created.
  • Community Updates: We’ve made several quality of life improvements to Communities, including faster loading speeds on several pages.