August 27, 2019

Hello, here are the latest cat pictures updates from the Development team!

Updated and Fixed

  • Certification Report: We’ve fixed an issue where the “passing percentage” calculation wasn’t accurately depicting the user’s completion – for example: 3 attempts on a Chapter, 2 Fails, 1 Pass – it will now correctly show a 33% passing rating.
  • Team management: We added a new “active/inactive” filter to the Team Management Admin area. The default view will show “active” teams only.
  • User Profile: The “reset” tools were not showing a confirmation screen as expected, these have been fixed.
  • 402 – Certification Report: for some users there was an error when trying to export the data – this has been fixed.

Coming Up Next!

Updated Video Player:

We’ve started on the QA phase for a new and updated version of the video player, which we have creatively codenamed: LSVT Player 3.0. This new video player responds much more quickly to navigation changes and interactivity and it will allow us to add new features more easily. Look for this to start rolling out to your platform soon!

Media Library:

Coming soon you’ll have the ability to update your media library files with “tags” – which will then allow you to sort by “tags” to help keep your content organized and easier to manage!