August 19, 2019

What’s New

Training Center Resume

Had a long weekend and forgot which Chapter you trained on last? Now, when you go to the Training Center, the Hero will display the most recent Course and Chapter you trained on. Quickly pick up where you left off by selecting “Resume” to jump right back in.

Training Center Resume

Note: Your Private Label Theme’s “Training Center Welcome Message” will display for all Users who have not started training or have no active training in-progress.

Brand New Support Site

The all new re-organized support site has rolled out. It now more closely aligns with the structure of your VT System Super User Dashboard – organized by Account, Content, Users and Reports. Articles can easily be searched by a number of tags and if you ever need additional help, just reach out to our Client Care team via the Live Chat widget.

Check it out!

Updates and Fixes

  • Some users reported an issue with updating their Profile Image. This has been resolved.
  • Translation support has been added to the Sign In Page Management and the global Slider Menu.