April 8, 2021

What's New

Certification Management

We’ve begun to make some initial improvements to the 306 – Certifications area that will be a part of several more updates to allow you to more easily customize your Certs.

In this update, we’re adding an additional template option as a way to demonstrate different layouts, logo placements and text placements. This will open the door for us to add more custom and varied layouts in the future.

We’ve also given you more control over the title of the Certificate and all of the other text elements, including adding a new option to pull the “Other Info 2 / Misc 2” information from a User’s profile to add a unique Registration or License number to the Cert.

Check out the support article for full information!

Updates & Fixes
  • User Impersonation – Foreign Languages: We’ve fixed a bug where impersonating a user that was using localization was incorrectly aggregating the “signed in” data for the impersonated user, and therefore showing incorrect usage data for the Location.
  • Assigned Training:
    • Fixed an issue where if no Location was selected, the assignment would not show up for the User making the assignment.
    • New – We added a new easier way to delete and/or archive past assignments – simply select a checkbox and you can archive or delete multiple assignments at once.
  • Courseware Management: Courseware Search – Deleted Chapters were incorrectly showing up in the search results, this has been fixed.
  • Leaderboards:
    • We’ve fixed an issue where toggling between draft mode and live mode was not correctly resetting achievement data.
    • We’ve made an update that will allow a user to visit their Achievements profile that will automatically “refresh” with their latest points, badges or rank. Previously you needed to sign out and sign in again to see the updates.
  • Reset Training Data: We fixed an issue where inactive Courses or Courses not accessible to Users were not showing up on the list of results.
  • Footer Updates: Updates were made to the Footer area for all Systems. These updates were designed to help you to more easily control and update the information inside. And if you are using the “Default” information, it now allows us to update and modify that information globally more easily. The updates include:
    • Contact – this will now pull information from your sign in page “need help” section.
    • Support – this will, by default, link to our support site. However, if you have your own support page or site already listed there we will not update that.
    • System requirements and the Diagnostic Tool are now available within the platform through this link.
    • Terms of service and Privacy Policy will link to our support site where the policies are listed unless you already have links to your own terms/policies linked.

Tech Talk

(Boring! Skip down to the Coolness section below)

Webhooks – The “Chapter Result” webhook has been updated to now support Content Roles. This addition means you can filter a User by which content roles they have when completing a Chapter, and making a change if needed (like adding or removing a content role based on what values are returned.)

As always, check out all available webhooks in our Developers section of the Support site here.

Security! Please escort this person from the premises! Okay, now that that is taken care of… We’ve been making several behind-the-scenes updates to tighten up security! Several internal tests suggested we should make various upgrades to our infrastructure, which we’ve quietly been working on and are now close to concluding. We wanted to mention this here because we were excited to announce a more secure environment to all of you.

Upcoming Coolness!

  • VT2GO: Our mobile companion app is undergoing some much needed updates that will improve a number of things – these updates are just around the corner, stay tuned!
  • The Video Player: LightSpeed’s proprietary video player is becoming as slick as ever. We’re making a bunch of updates over the next 2 weeks that will improve performance and update some interface items to work even better.
  • Communities: We’re working on several updates for the Communities feature – like the ability to automatically assign your Users to Groups based on their Content Roles – and much more! Stay tuned!