April 24, 2020

What’s New!

Live Event Streaming: Introducing Zoom integration

We are excited to announce we’ve added Zoom integration to Live Event Courses – You can now create a Zoom meeting and add it to an LSVT Course and invite your users to come check it out.

One-Time Passcode

We’ve added a new feature called “One-Time Passcode – Text Message Verification”. What this means is you can now verify that a user is actually the person training and has completed the content.

It works the same as a Chapter part – you simply select your Manager from a drop-down list of available Managers and it will send them a text message with a verification number.

Don’t need Manager approval? It works for Self (Learner) Verification, as well!

Updated & Fixed

  • Assigned Training: The “Select Purchased Content” button was appearing briefly then disappearing for some users, this has been fixed.
  • File Vault: We fixed an issue where if the User had 0 content roles assigned it was throwing an error.
  • User Management: We made an update to allow a Super User C to view the ‘Change Location’ quick link if they have access to additional locations.
  • Training Center: We’ve made an update so any content found under the ‘Assigned Training’ tab will now correctly show progress if Users complete the training beyond the due date.