April 24, 2018

Hello everyone, here are the latest updates from the Development team!

What’s New

Introducing a New Training Expectations Incentive Widget!

  • Currently the Training Expectations Watchdog report features an optional Widget that can be activated to display on the Main Menu and show your progress as you train.
  • This Widget allowed you an opportunity to incentivise training by offering your users a chance at a potential (or higher) bonus each day/week/month simply by completing their training.
  • In this update you can now use dollar amounts to set that expectation (previously it was a percentage only).
  • As an example, let's say you have a team that already receives a $100 bonus each month for completing their assigned training. Now you can add that amount to the Training Expectations Watchdog and also allow your users to track their progress as they train – it will update as they go.
  • If enabled, the Widget is located on the Main Menu under My Activity Tracker. Here is what the new update looks like:

Training Expectations Widget


  • We fixed an issue in Version 6 where if there was a Training Center APB active, and you clicked on a Course or Chapter link from My Certification, the APB was interrupting that direct link into the Training Center and not dropping you off in the correct spot. This has been fixed by bypassing the APB when clicking on links from My Certification.


  • The Certification report now includes a Passing Percentage column. This new data will help give you a quick overview to determine whether a user may have struggled through the content (a low passing percentage) or breezed through it (a high passing percentage.)

    The percentage is calculated by taking the number of Chapters passed divided by the total number of attempts.

    For example: I passed 4 chapters total, but I failed one of the chapters twice before completing it. That means I passed 4 out of 6 attempts, giving me a 67% passing percentage. If I failed 2 more times, I would be at 50%, and may be a red-flag for my Manager to ask me about my training.

  • The Location level Usage Report has been updated – now if you search for some period in the past, we will automatically filter out users that were created after that date range.

    For example, say you created 10 users in March, and 10 users in April – if you search for Usage data in the month of March, the 10 users created in April will no longer show up on the "Did not Train" report – since they did not even exist during that time period.

  • Courseware Management:
    • New "Simple" mode for Creating or Editing Courses. When editing a Course, we will now start you in "Simple" mode – where we hide the more advanced options. If you wish to see the advanced options, simply click on the "show advanced options" button on the top right.
    • Saved! The Green "Saved!" alert box was covering the top navigation menu, so we moved it to the center of the screen on the bottom.
    • Keywords can now be added to a Course by copy and pasting a list. For example, create a list that says, "apples, bananas, pears, oranges" – then you can copy and paste that directly into the keywords field and it will automatically add them.
    • The Category and Course suggested image size tooltip has been updated to reflect the latest updated image specs.